Wise Words

“It’s hard to do these things alone
Just hold on we’re going home”

tenemos de regreso esta sección que les gusta tanto y esta vez con un track de Drake que no tiene mucho que salio que se llama Hold On We’re Going Home cuenta con la colaboracion de Majid Jordan, en lo personal este es el estilo que mas me gusta de Drake así que escúchenla y les dejo la letra completa a continuación. Sigue leyendo



I don’t wanna love you
I just wanna unbutton your blouse
And let the girls out
I wanna fuck you

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Wise Words

I’ve been watching you lately 
I want to make it with you 

In your eyes BY kylie minogue

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Wise Words

I could stick around and get along with you, hello.
It doesn’t really mean that I’m into you, hello.
You’re alright but I’m here, darling, to enjoy the party.

Hello by Martin Solveig

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Wise Words

When you’re around
Everything’s fine
Go to town and get quite drunk
Throughout the night we’ll be alright
Cos I’m never down
When you’re around

when you’re around BY frankmusik

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Wise Words

We’ll have the days we break,
and we’ll have the scars to prove it,
We’ll have the bonds that we save,
but we’ll have the heart not to lose it


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Wise Words

We got but one shot of life, let’s take it while we’re still not afraid.
Because life is so brief and time is a thief when you’re undecided.
And like a fistful of sand, it can slip right through your hands.

Young hearts be free tonight. Time is on your side,
Don’t let them put you down, don’t let ‘em push you around,
don’t let ‘em ever change your point of view.


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